BEUC:Alliance of Lithuanian Consumer Organisations and European consumer group BEUC meet Lithuanian EU Presidency

With the 6 month Lithuanian Presidency of the European Union starting July 1, The European Consumer
Organisation (BEUC) and its new member Alliance of Lithuanian Consumer Organisations1 today present their
priorities to Vice-Minister of Justice Paulius Griciūnas and Director General of the State Consumer Rights
Protection Authority, Feliksas Petrauskas in Vilnius.
The Lithuanian Government will be responsible for leading EU ministers’ negotiations on a number of initiatives
with important implications for Europe’s consumers:
- Updating the EU’s personal data protection rules to strengthen citizens’ protection and control over their
own data;
- New rules to prevent consumers being exposed to unsafe products and improve market surveillance;
- Modernisation of legal protection for holiday makers who book travel packages online.
Monique Goyens, Director General of BEUC said:
“Lithuania can make a real difference to Europe’s consumers. A lot is at stake to advance key laws on product
safety, data protection, online sales and for European holiday makers. We hope the Lithuanian Government
places a clear focus on consumers when they take over the Presidency in July.”
The Lithuanian Presidency will also have a decisive role on the future of European consumer law when it comes
to ministers’ decisions on the so-called “28th regime”, an optional legal framework for cross-border, online sales.
Consumer groups across Europe, together with e-commerce traders believe it will not provide added value for
consumers nor businesses, but rather add legal complexity and compliance costs for business, confuse
consumers or even reduce their rights.
BEUC and its Lithuanian counterpart also urged prioritising a European Commission draft bill to give all
consumers access to a bank account, facilitate switching to another bank and increase the transparency of fees.
Egle Kybartiene, President of the Alliance of Lithuanian Consumers’ Associations said:
“We have high expectations for the first Lithuanian Presidency and urge the Vice-Minister to put European
consumers’ interest on the top of its agenda.”

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