BEUC:Good news: Pepsi, Mars and Nestlé throw their weight behind new food labelling scheme

Today, the voluntary traffic light scheme on food products is being officially announced in the UK. The
vast majority of retailers in the UK have signed up to colour coding, alongside some of the biggest
players in the food industry, including the UK arms of PepsiCo, Mars and Nestlé.
Research consistently shows that a colour coding system on the front of processed food packaging is
what is best understood by consumers. The ‘traffic light’ scheme shows concisely whether the key
nutrients of fat, saturated fats, sugars and salt, are high, medium or low, indicated by red, amber
and green 'traffic lights' respectively.
Monique Goyens, Director General of BEUC, The European Consumer Organisation, commented:
“We are delighted that these UK retailers will offer consumers the possibility to make healthier eating
choices at a glance. In times when obesity has become a major problem in Europe, there is no reason
why only shoppers living in the UK should benefit from such an easy tool. We hope to see more
retailers across Europe follow this lead.
“By committing themselves to the traffic light scheme, these popular food manufacturers are finally
listening to consumers and are set to respect their right to quick and clear information. This is
ground-breaking. Now these food giants should swiftly expand this practice to other EU markets too.”

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